The Launch

After nearly three decades as litigation attorneys in Southern California, including the last 18 working in tandem at The Emge Firm, LLP, Suzanne and I have launched Emge Mediation – a fresh face in the mediation field. We have made a great effort to analyze the best and the worst of our own experiences mediating as counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants. We obtained our formal mediation training at The Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine and we have researched the best modes of mediation. The result is a mediation practice unique for Southern California.


Arising out of a combination of our own experience working in tandem on litigated matters, specific training mediating together, and research into modern mediation techniques, we have settled on the use of co-mediation as the best method for employment cases and class actions. It is a proven approach that is, unfortunately, underutilized by mediators reluctant to share fees for the advancement of the mediation practice. We are the first in Southern California to be dedicated to co-mediation of employment disputes and class actions.

Practice Area Specialization

For years we, like many other lawyers, hired “generalists” mediators – those that touted their ability to settle any case brought to them. Sometimes this worked, but often we found it led to inefficiency and roadblocks when the mediator didn’t understand the nuances of employment law or the procedural aspects of class action litigation. Specialization in mediation is just as important as specialization in the practice of law and the mediation field is starting to recognize and respond to this need.

Emge Mediation thus presents a fresh face to the field of mediation. Working with us provides you with a focused, efficient and balanced mediation experience. We aim to prove the old adage: Two Heads are Better Than One!